Tip Tap Toe Dance Studio
Owner: Sarah Ducote Marceaux


  1. Competition Team
    Competition Team
    We have an award winning competition team and compete throughout Louisiana.
  2. Center Floor Ballet Combination
    Center Floor Ballet Combination
    While focusing on technique and skill, we bring the steps from the bar to create center floor combinations.
  3. Owner and Instructor
    Owner and Instructor
    Sarah Ducote Marceaux
  4. Recital
    We hold an annual dance review in June held at the Mari Center located in the Paragon Casino.
  5. Instructor
    Hannah Dauzat
  6. Hip Hop Team
    Hip Hop Team
    Hip Hop Class being offered ages 8 and up.
  7. Pointe Class
    Pointe Class
    Offered to select, advanced students. Must have at least 3 years ballet experience, be at least 12 years of age, and approval of a physician.